Project Management PMQ Level 4


PMQ L4 01 Project governance

PMQ L4 02 Project environment

PMQ L4 03 Project life cycle

PMQ L4 04 Governance and structured methodologies

PMQ L4 05 Communication and team leadership

PMQ L4 06 Conflict resolution and negotiation skills

PMQ L4 07 Leadership success and teamwork dynamics

PMQ L4 08 Business case and benefits managment

PMQ L4 09 Investment appraisal

PMQ L4 10 Information management

PMQ L4 11 Stakeholder management

PMQ L4 12 Scope management

PMQ L4 13 Requirements management

PMQ L4 14 Change control and change management

PMQ L4 15 Solutions development and time scheduling

PMQ L4 16 Resource management and scheduling

PMQ L4 17 Budgeting and cost control

PMQ L4 18 Control and earned value mangement

PMQ L4 19 Contract and procurement

PMQ L4 20 Provider Selection & Management, Risk Context, Project Risk Management & Techniques, Delegation